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Rolls for Rubber/Paper/Food Industry

These static cast Rolls are structurally characterized by nodular graphite. High Tensile strength and deep hardness penetration are few properties that nodular graphite gives these Metal Rolls. Because of excellent mechanical & material properties these Metal Rolls are capable of withstanding heavy loads and hence these Rolls are used in various Mills that produce different products. These Rolls are structurally made up of cementite and nodular graphite. Sufficient water cooling is a necessity for satisfactory performance.

Depending upon the required mechanical properties i.e. wear resistance, Roll hardness, strength, of Rolls, wide range of Rolls:

1. Pearlitic and 2.Bainitic Accicular can be made by alloying with nickel, molybdenum and chromium for added strength and deep hardness penetration.


Rubber Industry :

The main properties required for these Rolls is high thermal conductivity, high tensile strength and wear resistance. Clear Chill Rolls are preferred for mixing, calendaring and cracking of rubber material for production of tires, rubber profiles, rubber products etc.

Applications include mixing, calendaring and cracking and is used for the production of tires, rubber profiles and other rubber products.



Paper Industry : 

The main properties required for these Rolls is corrosion resistance and uniform wear resistance. These Rolls are special Alloy Cast Chill Rolls type that have fine pearlite/bainite in the matrix that help give these Rolls great mechanical properties. These Rolls can me manufactured with hardness range between 60 – 75 HSC as application demands. These are also accurately dynamically balanced and have an anti-slip surface as they are subjected to very high RPM.

Applications of paper rolls include calendar mills among others. Roll material selection for rubber and paper industry are:

  • Chill Cast Iron Rolls

  • Alloy Cast Chill Rolls

  • Nodular Iron Rolls

Food Industry :

The main properties required for these Rolls is hardness, crack resistance and long life. Indefinite chilled cast iron Rolls are preferred that have uniform Chill with chill depth between 12-15mm in most applications(Higher Chill also offered depending on application). Roll material selection for the food industry is the Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron Roll.

Roll applications include:

  • Cracking

  • Crushing

  • Milling

  • Mixing

Our rolls can also be used for processing items such as:

  • Flour

  • Cereal

  • Salt

  • Cattle-feed

  • Edible-oil

  • Chocolate

  • Cocoa

Size Limitations for the above rolls are :

  • Maximum     :  600 mm diameter

  • Minimum      :  150 mm diameter

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